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Welcome to my Brain

Please mind the gap between the brain and the platform edge

I've always been told that I live in my own universe. I'm happy for y
While this has previously been meant as a criticism - it's served me well when it comes to my creative outlets.

What About Me?

An excessively shortened and brief recollection of events

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My favourite TV shows growing up were first Dora The Explorer and then Horrible Histories. It was through these TV shows that I discovered my passion for acquiring knowledge, I have always loved knowing things. Anything, random and useless bits of information. I used to memorise fact books just so that I could have these little bits of knowledge, so that I, as a young child could somehow teach a fully grown adult something, no matter how small and insignificant it is to them. 

To me school isn't just about receiving knowledge, It's an exchange. The best classes are always the ones where teachers treat you like people and not dictaphones.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized"

Sun Tzu


A Brief History

Spending my formative years living in South West London I was privileged enough to go to an exceptional school and enjoy a jam-packed social life mainly consisting of playing outside on the street barefooted. 
This was before my family of four decided to uproot itself and move to the South of France where I attended the Collège and Lycée Saint Paul. 
Currently, I am a 2nd year student at the University of Sussex studying Marketing and Management with Spanish working at a start-up co-working company in Brighton.


Self Expression through MEDIA

A Great Influence

We teach our children that some of the most influential people in human history have been artists: Kahlo, Picasso, Warhol etc. Despite excelling academically, this pushed me towards extracurriculars in order to express myself more wholly.

It was in my years at "lycée" where I started working my way up the ladders at school; at the school newspaper, from writer to Editor in Chief, at the School Board of Students, from member to President, in choir, from chorus to soloist, in the classroom, from student to Class President. Earning an esteemed position in almost all possible available extracurriculars taught me a great deal about the intricacies of human interaction and allowed me to experience anything from managing an association's budget at the bank, to interviewing a national celebrity, to performing solo at a renowned theatre in front of hundreds of people.

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