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Brand Development

After conducting Primary market research with three different focus groups, my colleagues, Hollie Sanglier and Rose Radtke reworked our entire newsletter email marketing structure. This became PLATF9RM Press and PLATF9RM People

Brand Development: Text
p9 projects final_edited.jpg
p9 projects final_edited.jpg


PLATF9RM Press is an entirely new newsletter born from feedback obtained from the focus groups.

PLATF9RM Press aims to inform the company's email subscriber base of over 7000 people about the goings on both in and out of PLATF9RM. It's a feel-good piece of content that can be consumed quickly and promotes a positive outlook.

For a copy of this newsletter please get in touch.


PLATF9RM People is a reworked version of a previous newsletter called INF9RMER based on the feedback obtained from the focus groups.

PLATF9RM Press It focuses on the success stories of the company's members and serves as a promotion for their ventures as well as PLATF9RM's ethos of values.

For a copy of this newsletter please get in touch.

Brand Development: As Seen In


The brief for this logo design was to make a sustainable bike company logo inspired by the Japanese god of speed Izanami - where the company got its' name. 

To answer this, I decided on a classic Japanese flag design with the image of a cyclist behind the company name. Green was chosen due to its association with environmentalism and black as the carbon fibre bikes would be made from black material.

Brand Development: Image

Carella Creation

The team at Carella Creation wanted two posters for their "Boutique Artisanale" event that showed off the handmade clothing and accessories whilst also conveying the earthly aspects of the brand.

Brand Development: Image
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