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The Business Bits

I've worked on many different types of copy, from Business Blogs to Music Magazines. I'm interested in many different topics so I've loved being able to try my hand at different themes.

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Spotify Playlist Submission

Carbon Monoxide

Working with MAWNESS on each of her new releases has been a completely new way of creating copy that has been incredibly enjoyable.

I receive a voice note of the song and can go wild with what I can interpret before she sends me her explanation of everything and the full studio version.

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If you have any sort of online presence, then you’ve almost certainly heard of Web3.
However, if you’re part of the majority then it’s likely that you’re not entirely sure what it means. You may have heard people throwing around the term Blockchain and bragging about their new NFTs of a cartoon cat with an eyepatch.
If you can’t figure out where to even start trying to comprehend the concept then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve put together a whistle-stop tour of “the internet”.

During my time at PLATF9RM, I interviewed my colleagues, getting a grasp of their personalities and produced 10 team biographies.
Grace, Aaron, Inès, Natasha, Chelsie, Haia, Jacob, Moni, Imogen and Laura.


Time of death: Mon 23 March 2020 at 1800 hours.

Rest in Peace to the Rat Race.

As time ticks along, the world of work as we know it is evolving. New ways of living are emerging from the ashes of what came before, gaining in dynamism and complexity. Drawing on our learnings from the so-called “Rat-Race”, work is being taken to a whole new level.

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Events Copy

As PLATF9RM's in-house copywriter I have produced events copy for many different types of events - both from PLATF9RM and in collaboration with other local businesses, including Startup Grind, Wildlife Drawing and Vest Pod.

I was also the primary copywriter for PLATF9RM's most recent flagship event - Work: Reinvented.

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