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Sussex University Internship

Sussex University Internship Programme 

The opportunity to partner with the University of Sussex came at the right time, where I was high off of the success of the previous year's PLATF9RM funded internship programme, but wasn't able to secure the funds for a second incarnation of the programme. This was also at a time when the Marketing and Events team was stretched thin and I was beginning a new Masters in Sustainable Development.

So, I reached out to the University of Sussex to apply for a funded intern. I explained and provided the framework of the previous internship that I organised and managed myself the previous year and was able to demonstrate that I was capable of managing two interns.


The internship proposed was a marketing and events internship, with a sustainability research project to be developed and presented to the company stakeholders at the end of the internship. I fought really hard to justify the time I would spend developing this programme as I cannot overstate just how much I believe in the value of internships.


Charity focussing on destigmatising trauma surround childhood sexual abuse

I've been lucky enough to work with some incredible people at PLATF9RM. Imogen Phillips is one of those people. She introduced me to Sophia Luu of Secrets Worth Sharing, who completely changed my outlook on talking about taboos in the workplace.

Taboo topics are difficult enough to approach in everyday life, let alone in the workplace, where we're faced with more regimented rituals and formalities. But the reality of the situation is that 1/3rd of UK adults claim to have lived through at least one traumatic event in their lives (Royal College of Psychiatrists).

Sophia runs events partnering with PLATF9RM that aim to destigmatise childhood sexual abuse. She was generous enough to accept my offer to collaborate on multiple ventures with us including a thought piece on trigger warnings as well as an article all about the importance of talking trauma at work.

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Brighton Film and Screen School

Partnersing with BIMM's Screen and Film School in 2023 as an ongoing partnership in one of my proudest accomplishments from my time at PLATF9RM.

Something I'm passionate about is Creating Shared Value or CSV. My missions when given the opportunity to personalise my role at the company was to build lasting sustainable partnerships. 

Providing the university with the space to lead some of their sessions for the new entrepreneurship and business module as well as attending the sessions held at PLATF9RM, acting as a consultant for the first iteration and as a low stakes client for the second was a win-win-win situation for all parties involves. I wrote a piece on the true value of this for PLATF9RM, that you can check out here if you're curious.

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Sustainable laundry pods

Partnering with smol was an easy choice as their core values of sustainability and environmental consciousness fit well with PLATF9RM's focus on supporting small businesses. 
We collaborated with a feature on their blog as well as a collaboration reel on both of our Instagram pages.


Part of my role as Marketing Executive at PLATF9RM meant reaching out and managing our relationships with other local companies that matched the brands values and vision. Below are an example of some of the brands partnered with:

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Natural Fit Hove

Local Gym

Permit Room Social Asset 11.jpg

Permit Room

Restaurant Chain



Data Based Services

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