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Spotify Submissions: MAWNESS

Working with MAWNESS on each of her new releases has been a completely new way of creating copy that has been incredibly enjoyable.

I receive a voice note of the song and can go wild with what I can interpret before she sends me her explanation of everything and the full studio version.

Carbon Monoxide

Blending synth, bass and hauntingly honest lyrics, ‘Carbon Monoxide’ is a gripping take on just how intoxicating a relationship gone wrong can be.

As the narrative unfolds into expertly crafted peaks and valleys, MAWNESS has you hooked.

The juxtaposition of faith and agony in the vocals makes for an emotional tale of hope and anguish, staying with you long after the music ends.

Already garnering attention, ‘Kérastase’ featured the song in their 2022 Chroma Absolu campaign ft. Emily Ratajkowski.

Drink Me Dry

A departure from the haunting vocals of ‘Carbon Monoxide’, MAWNESS’s sophomore exploration is a love letter to dance floor anthems everywhere.

Drawing inspiration from both synth and hyper pop, ‘Drink Me Dry’ is the embodiment of everything MAWNESS does best; a compelling story, ethereal vocals and a final product that moves you.

The infectious beat wastes no time and has you immersed in the artist’s poppy and energetic universe before you know it.


Raw, flirty and energetic, ‘Bounce’ is MAWNESS’s take on a pure pop anthem.

Balancing her now signature ethereal vocals and grit with a synth beat reminiscent of Sigrid, ‘Bounce’ all but forces you to the dance floor.

The bright and textured beat along with the suggestive and enticing lyrics come together to paint a picture of sexual liberation, desire and acceptance. MAWNESS captures exactly what can make the queer experience one of joy and excitement in this new age bop.


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