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After high school, I settled on a Marketing and Management BSc at the University of Sussex in Brighton - where you can still catch me grabbing a coffee at the local Trading Post.

In high school I explored my different interests and started investing more and more time in extracurriculars. This eventually paid off and I went from writer to Editor in Chief at "L'echo" - our school newspaper. I was also getting more involved in student life and was voted in as President of the School Board. Roles that helped me to develop journalistic, organisational and leadership skills.

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Language and etymology are a core part of my being.

I like to see them as keys to communication - the more keys you have the more experiences you're able to take part in and I find that so exciting. In fact, I'm pretty sure that anyone that I've lived with can attest to just how much I won't shut up about it - I was at one point banned at work and at home from talking about grammar. I've since learned to control the urge to discuss new figures de style but I still love learning new words in the languages I speak as well the intricacies of those entirely foreign to me. 

As a native English and French speaker, I have a solid base with which to relate to other tongues. I continued my Spanish from middle school all the way to University - including as a pathway on my degree. I've dabbled in Japanese and hope to one day label myself a polyglot. 

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I like to think of education by its French meaning - the sum of elements that form an individual, not just what you learn in school. A great deal of my education came from my experience growing up in a single-parent household, something I am incredibly proud of.  The two main things my mum taught me were gratitude and confidence, things I try to bring with me everywhere I go.

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