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Here's some stuff about me.



Sustainable Development MSc 
University of Sussex

Brighton, UK

I decided to continue at the University of Sussex for my Masters in Sustainable Development as it is ranked 1st worldwide for development studies. I tailored this degree to my interests of people and ethics. I choose to focus all of my assessments on the intersectional nature of sustainability with the social impact aspect at the heart.


Marketing and Management with Spanish BSc (Hons)
University of Sussex

Brighton, UK

I chose to study Marketing and Management at University because I wanted to pick a subject that balanced the creative with practical business skills. During this degree I chose mainly the ethics related modules which then sparked my interest in the social side of the working world. It was here that I started taking a real interest in Sustainability. I also graduated 1st class!


Baccalauréat Littéraire 
Lycée Saint Paul

 Angoûleme, France

My French Baccalaureate was specialised in literature. The reason I chose this was so that I could focus on social sciences, languages and developing my writing skills. This diploma was completed entirely in French, in my hometown of Angoulême. Never heard of it, well, have you ever seen The French Dispatch? That's Angoûleme! 


Academic projects.

Academic Projets

Do you know how smart I am in Spanish?

A Cultural Analysis of The Other in Popular Media and its Real-Life Implications

My final year dissertation was on the topic of 'cool' - How marginalised characters in TV shows can be stigmatised, stereotyped and othered yet still cool, and what Brands can take away from this.

This Dissertation delved into the intricacies of the concept of "cool" - specifically how the creators of the show Modern Family were able to portray a marginalised character in Gloria Delgado-Pritchett as possessing a high level of social capital and what brands can take away from this when choosing to position their products and services that may have a certain amount of stigma associated with them.



I love languages and etymology.

Languages are like keys to communication - the more keys you have the more experiences you're able to take part in and I find that so exciting. In fact, I'm pretty sure that anyone that I've lived with can attest to just how much I won't shut up about it - I was at one point banned at work and at home from talking about grammar. I've since learned to control the urge to discuss new figures de style but I still love learning new words in the languages I speak as well the intricacies of those entirely foreign to me. 

As a native English and French speaker, I have a solid base with which to relate to other tongues. I continued Spanish from middle school through to my Undergraduate degree - including it as a pathway. I've also dabbled in Japanese and hope to one day label myself a polyglot. 




limited working proficiency

elementary understanding



Marketing Lead


Oct 2023 - Current

Key Responsibilities:

- Conceptualising, creating and leading the 2024 Marketing Plan


- Developing company policies to transform away from CSR towards CSV


- Ownership of PLATF9RM brand and guardianship

interns pic.png

Marketing Executive


Apr 2022 - Oct 2023

Key Responsibilities

- Development and management of the PLATF9RM Internship programme

- Leading CSR campaigns and initiatives

- CRM and email marketing management and ownership


Co Founder

Brand Apéritif

Mar 2024 - Current

Key Responsibilities:

- leading and developing the Brand Apéritif podcast wit Nía Matinez-Rangel

hand with olive.png

Front of House


Oct 2021 - Apr 2022

Key Responsibilities:

- Administation

- Leading coworking tours and sales

- Training all new staff members on PLATF9RM specific systems

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Education... again?

I like to think of education by its French meaning - the sum of elements that form an individual, not just what you learn in school. A great deal of my education came from my experience growing up in a single-parent household, something I am incredibly proud of.  The two main things my mum taught me were gratitude and confidence, things I try to bring with me everywhere I go.

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